Acylpeptide hydrolase

Acylpeptide hydrolase (APH) removes an acylated amino acid residue from the N-terminus of oligopeptides. The enzyme is linked with diverse carcinomas and is also a potential target for cognitive enhancing drugs. We solved the structure of APH from Aeropyrum pernix K1 (ApAPH) in complex with small molecules, which could be products of the enzyme reaction. We characterized the substrate binding region of the enzyme (S1-S3 sites). Analysis of the structures together with the results of solution kinetics studies revealed that in contrast to its mammalian orthologues ApAPH were an endopeptidase. In order to clarify the role of conserved His367 in enzyme activity we solved the crystal strucutre of the ApAAP H367A variant and characterized it in solution. We showed that His367 not involved directly in the catalytic apparatus stabilizes the conformation of the oxyanion site in APH enzymes.

Structure of acylpeptide hydrolase

Former collaboration:

Polgár group, Institute of Enzymology,  Budapest

Structures determined (PDB codes):

2HU5, 2HU7, 2HU8, 2QR5, 4RE5, 4RE6, 4HXE, 4HXF, 4HXG, 3O4G, 3O4H, 3O4I, 3O4J, 3EQ7, 3EQ8, 3EQ9

Kapcsolódó publikációk

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