Synthesis of β-Sugar amino acids (β-SAAs)

β-sugar amino acids (β-SAAs) are biocompatible and tunable building blocks of foldamers and α/β chimera peptides. Preparation of furanoid (e.g. Fmoc-RibAFU(ip)-OH and its C3-epimer, Fmoc-XylAFU(ip)-OH), as well as pyranoid residues (e.g. Fmoc-GlcAPU(Me)-OH and its C4-epimer Fmoc-GalAPU(Me)-OH) was completed. We currently work on efficient and economical synthetic pathways, focusing on higher yields and greener approaches making ten gram quantities for solid phase polypeptide synthesis.

The syntheses of Fmoc-RibAFU(ip)-OH and Fmoc-XylAFU(ip)-OH from D-glucose was accomplished in 8 and 9 consecutive steps. The sulfonate→azide replacement was conducted by using various 3-O-sulfonyl derivatives, such as the triflate, the mesylate, the tosylate, and the imidazylate to find the best conditions. The carboxyl function was obtained in a two-step oxidation via the appropriate aldehyde.

Rib Afu Xyl Af Uszint

The pyranoid β-SAAs, both FmocGlcAPU(Me)-OH and Fmoc-GalAPU(Me)-OH, were prepared via a common oxime intermediate, using non-selective reduction method: 9 consecutive steps, starting from methyl α-D-glucopyranoside.

Glc Gal Apu Graphical A Png

These β-SAAs are now used to synthesize both β-peptides and α/β-chimera peptides. Both H-RibAFU(ip)-NHMe and its precursor N3-RibAFU(ip)-OH were coupled in solution to make the first β-dipeptide of this kind, followed by the solid phase synthesis of α/β pentapeptides H-Gly-Gly-X-Gly-Gly-OH as test models. (HIV)

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