CoNSEnsX: assessing the accuracy of NMR-derived protein structural ensembles

  • The program (Perl scripts, libraries + linux executables for pridenmr) is currently available as a password-protected .zip archive until acceptance of the corresponding manuscript. Please e-mail Zoltán Gáspári (szpari at for the password if you would like to give it a try.
  • The downloadable version gives all the functionality described in the manuscript, but changes improving its usability and clarity of the Perl code can be expected.
  • Kindly do not forget to adjust the Perl code to include the location of the perl modules provided, pridenmr programs, SHIFTX and PALES.
  • For graphical output the program requires the GD perl library (, obtainable from CPAN
  • Users are kindly asked to get SHIFTX and PALES from their respective developers and home pages.
  • Download CoNSEnsX (zipped tarball) (last update: May 20, 2009)
  • Any questions, suggestions and comments are welcome! (szpari at