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Using both classical organic chemistry and modern bacterial expression systems we synthesize polypeptides, foldamers and proteins of various size and biological significance. Structure elucidation and internal dynamics of biomolecules are completed by X-ray and bioNMR spectroscopy, as well as molecular modeling, applied quantum chemistry and bioinformatics. We do cooperate with both Hungarian and foreign research teams on subjects ranging from organic chemistry to molecular biology. Recently we are synthesizing amino acids derived form carbohydrates, determining conformational properties of beta amino acids, synthesizing foldamers, expressing Exenatide-4 analogs used to treat type II Diabetes Mellitus, and conducting research for a better understanding Alzheimer’s and other conformational diseases, etc…Devoted students and people interested in modern structural chemistry and biology are always welcome. P1030653

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  • New building blocks synthesized: just published in Amino Acids

    „C-3 epimers of sugar amino acids as foldameric building blocks: improved synthesis, useful derivatives, coupling strategies”. Yield optimized, scalable and environment-friendly protocols for making β-sugar amino acids and their derivatives to built up α/β-chimera peptides.

    Grap Abstr 1 Ap 1(1)

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Recent Publications

  • Szebasztián Szaniszló , Imre G. Csizmadia , András Perczel
    How weak an acid can be? Variations of H-bond and/or van der Waals Interaction of Weak Acids
    Struct. Chem. 28(2):371-378. | DOI: 10.1007/s11224-016-0888-5 (2017) Kivonat
  • Adrienn Nagy , Barbara Csordás , Virág Zsoldos-Mády , István Pintér , Viktor Farkas , András Perczel
    C‐3 epimers of sugar amino acids as foldameric building blocks: improved synthesis, useful derivatives, coupling strategies
    Amino Acids 49(2):223–240. DOI: 10.1007/s00726-016-2346-5 | PMID: 27803987 (2017) Kivonat
  • András Perczel , Ricardo D. Enriz , Atanas G. Atanasov , Vladimír Sklenář , Jiří Nováček , Veronika Papoušková , Pavel Kadeřávek , Lukáš Žídek , Henryk Kozłowski , Joanna Wątły , Aleksandra Hecel , Paulina Kołkowska , Jaroslav Koča , Radka Svobodová-Vařeková , Lukáš Pravda , David Sehnal , Vladimír Horský , Stanislav Geidl , Pavel Matějka , Adéla Jeništová , Marcela Dendisová , Alžběta Kokaislová , Volkmar Weissig , Mark Olsen , Aidan Coffey , Jude Ajuebor , Ruth Keary , Marta Sanz-Gaitero , Mark J. van Raaij , Olivia McAuliffe , Birgit Waltenberger , Andrei Mocan , Karel Šmejkal , Elke H. Heiss , Marc Diederich , Robert Musioł , Janez Košmrlj , Jarosław Polański , Josef Jampílek
    The Eighth Central European Conference “Chemistry towards Biology”: Snapshot
    Molecules 21(10):1381 DOI:10.3390/molecules21101381 (2016) Kivonat
  • Tibor Szénási , Judit Oláh , Adél Szabó , Sándor Szunyogh , András Láng , András Perczel , Attila Lehotzky , Vladimir N. Uversky , Judit Ovádi
    Challenging drug target for Parkinson's disease: Pathological complex of the chameleon TPPP/p25 and alpha-synuclein proteins
    Biochim Biophys Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease 1863(1):310-323. DOI: 10.1016/j.bbadis.2016.09.017. | PMID: 27671864 (2016) Kivonat
  • Barbara Csordás , Adrienn Nagy , Veronika Harmat , Virág Zsoldos-Mády , Ibolya Leveles , István Pintér , Viktor Farkas , András Perczel
    Origin of problems related to Staudinger reduction in carbopeptoid syntheses
    Amino Acids 48(11):2619-2633 DOI: 10.1007/s00726-016-2289-x | PMID: 27438266 (2016) Kivonat
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