István Bódy PhD Student

Room: 4.103.


Born At: November 04, 1997

Born In: Budapest

Facility Manager: Dr. András Perczel

Lab: Protein crystallography lab., Expression laboratory


2012-2016: Benedictine secondary school of Pannonhalma

2016-2020: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Biochemical engeneering BSc, Budapest, Hungary

2020-2022: Budapest University of Technology and Economics / Eötvös Lóránd University, Biotechnology MSc, Budapest, Hungary

Teaching experiences

2021-2022/II. : Industrial placement - Internship supervision (2 person)

2022-2023/I: Recombinant proteins 2. lab practice

2022-2023/II: BSc Thesis Work supervision : Nóra Wagner

2022-2023: ELTE TTK Talentum program mentoring (1 person)



Structural background of Transthyretin Amyloidosis and the role of mutations.

Research experiences

2021-2022: Junior Scientist, Solvo Biotecnology: Functional characterisation of human Riboflavine transporters and Uptake Assay development.