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Using both classical organic chemistry and modern bacterial expression systems we synthesize polypeptides, foldamers and proteins of various size and biological significance. Structure elucidation and internal dynamics of biomolecules are completed by X-ray and bioNMR spectroscopy, as well as molecular modeling, applied quantum chemistry and bioinformatics. We do cooperate with both Hungarian and foreign research teams on subjects ranging from organic chemistry to molecular biology. Recently we are synthesizing amino acids derived form carbohydrates, determining conformational properties of beta amino acids, synthesizing foldamers, expressing Exenatide-4 analogs used to treat type II Diabetes Mellitus, and conducting research for a better understanding Alzheimer’s and other conformational diseases, etc…Devoted students and people interested in modern structural chemistry and biology are always welcome. P1030653

Csoport 1


  • Approaches to Pyranuronic β-Sugar Amino Acid Building Blocks of Peptidosaccharide Foldamers

    Pyranuronic β-sugar amino acids (β-SAAs) are biocompatible and tuneable building blocks of foldamers and α/β chimera peptides. The scalable and economical total synthesis of two building blocks was described. These C-4 epimers, Fmoc-GlcAPU(Me)-OH and Fmoc-GalAPU(Me)-OH, which are suitable for solid phase peptide synthesis, were prepared via a common oxime intermediate. The new synthesis uses nine consecutive steps, starting from methyl α-D-glucopyranoside. The synthesis is fine-tuned, optimized, and ready for largescale and cost-efficient production.

    Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2018, 355

    Ejoc201701612 Toc 0001 M

  • New building blocks synthesized: just published in Amino Acids

    „C-3 epimers of sugar amino acids as foldameric building blocks: improved synthesis, useful derivatives, coupling strategies”. Yield optimized, scalable and environment-friendly protocols for making β-sugar amino acids and their derivatives to built up α/β-chimera peptides.

    Grap Abstr 1 Ap 1(1)

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Recent Publications

  • Viktória Goldschmidt Gőz , Adrienn Nagy , Viktor Farkas , Ernő Keszei , András Perczel
    Unwanted hydrolysis or α/β-peptide bond formation: how long should the rate-limiting coupling step take?
    RSC Advances , 9, 30720–30728 DOI: 10.1039/c9ra06124j (2019) Kivonat
  • Kata Horváti , Bernadett Pályi , Judit Henczkó , Gyula Balka , Eleonóra Szabó , Viktor Farkas , Beáta Biri-Kovács , Bálint Szeder , Kinga Fodor
    A Convenient Synthetic Method to Improve Immunogenicity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Related T-Cell Epitope Peptides
    Vaccines 7(3), 101, doi:10.3390/vaccines7030101 (2019) Kivonat
  • Valéria Bugris , Veronika Harmat , Györgyi Ferenc , Sándor Brockhauser , Ian Carmichael , Elspeth F. Garman
    Radiation-damage investigation of a DNA 16-mer
    Journal of Synchrotron Radiation (2019) Kivonat
  • Jens D. Haller , Andrea Bodor , Burkhard Luy
    Real-time pure shift measurements for uniformly isotope-labeled molecules using X-selective BIRD homonuclear decoupling
    Journal of Magnetic Resonance (2019) Kivonat
  • Anikó Angyal , András Demjén , Veronika Harmat , János Wölfling , László G. Puskás , Iván Kanizsai
    1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of Isatin-Derived Azomethine Ylides with 2H‐Azirines: Stereoselective Synthesis of 1,3- Diazaspiro[bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane]oxindoles
    The Journal of Organic Chemistry DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.9b00242 (2019) Kivonat
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