Expression laboratory

Facility manager: Pál Stráner

Members: Dániel Forray, Zsolt Fazekas, Dóra Nagy-Fazekas, Dr. András Láng, Pál Stráner, Dr. Nóra Taricska, István Vida, Tran Minh Hien

Modern gene and biotechnology made possible to expression (e.g. in bacterial systems), (re)design, point mutation, etc. of natural and denovo proteins. By using recombinant DNA techniques we are expressing short, 20-30 amino acid comprising miniproteins, as well as longer multidomain proteins composed of hundreds of residues. The nonselective isotope incorporation (15N and/or, 13C) as well as the residue specific isotope labeling is also possible. Miniproteins are expressed via fusion expression systems, with fusion partner proteins such as Ubiquitin, GFP, etc..

Laboratory News

  • Great success of a small-, (mini)-protein

    Expression and non-selective isotope labelling was a precondition of our research project aiming to characterise “invisible” intermediate structures of some Trp-cage miniproteins via temperature dependent NMR (1H-15N-HSQC) measurements.