Actual Education

Dr. András Perczel

  • 2012-13/II Organic chemistry for biologists (lectures: kv1c1bk1) 14*4 h (Monday/0.65 14.00-16.00, Wednesday/0.65 12.00-14.00)
  • 2012-13/II Biological chemistry (lectures: kb1n1202) 14*3 h (Thursday/-1.75 8.00-11.00)
  • 2012-13/II Structure and Dynamics of Proteins and peptides via spectroscopic methods (special courses: kv2n9o35) 14*2 h

Dr. Veronika Harmat

  • X-ray crystallography lectures (Chemistry M.Sc.)
  • X-ray crystallography laboratory courses (Chemistry M.Sc.)
  • Protein crystallography lectures (Chemistry and Structural Biology Ph.D., Biotechnology M.Sc.)
  • Structural methods (Chemistry BSc, part of the course)
  • Biocrystallography, Bioanalytics (X-ray crystallography, Biotechnology M.Sc.)
  • Inorganic chemistry calculations practice (Chemistry B.Sc.)
  • General chemistry laboratory courses (Chemistry and Biology B.Sc.)

Viktória Goldschmidt Gőz, PhD

2019-20/I Carbohydrate chemistry  (special course) 14*2 hours (Thursday, 5.86. 16: 00-18: 00)

Dr. Zsolt Dürvanger

2017-18/I General Chemistry calculation practice (kv1c2al2), 13*2 h

Dr. Imre Jákli

  • Application of C and FORTRAN in chemistry (0+2)

Dr. András Láng

2015-16/I BioNMR spectroscopy (practical) 3 h./week/semester (Wednesdays/6.88 13.00-16.00) kv2n8o28, kfbn1d24

2015-16/I Environmental technology (practical) 5 h./week/semester (Thursdays/512 8.00-14.00) kalc4039

Dr. Gábor Náray-Szabó

  • 2013/I Molecular modelling
  • 2013/II Is development sustainable?

Csenge Lilla Szabó

2020-21/I Analytical Chemistry Lab (2): Instrumental analytics (compulsory course, practice; ³¹P-NMR; in Hungarian)

2020-21/II Bioanalytical and biospectroscopy lab practice (Biotechnology MSc; DOSY NMR; in Hungarian)

Dr. Mária Szabó

2013-14/II Chemical Technology Laboratory practice (lecture: kv1c4tc2) 12*6 h (Tuesday 8.00-14.00)

Adrienn Nagy

  • 2015-16/II Green Chemistry Laboratory (special course, laboratory:kv2n4o14) 12*4 h (Monday: 8:00-12:00, Wednesday: 13:00-17:00)