Dóra Nagy-Fazekas PhD student


Phone: 1408

Born At: June 27, 1991

Born In: Tiszafüred

Facility Manager: Dr. András Perczel

Lab: Expression laboratory


2002-2010: Kossuth Lajos Secondary Grammar School, Tiszafüred, Hungary
2010-2011: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Chemical Engineering, Bachelor studies (BSc), Budapest, Hungary
2011-2014: Business Academy Aarhus (BAA), Chemical and Biotechnological Science, Academy Profession degree program (AP), Aarhus, Denmark
2014-2016: Business Academy Aarhus (BAA), Chemical and Biotechnical, Food- and Process Technology, Bachelor studies (BSc), Aarhus, Denmark
2016-2018: University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Medical Chemistry, Master program (MSc), Odense, Denmark
2018-2022: Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Hevesy György PhD School of Chemistry, Budapest, Hungary

Posts Held

2022-Present: research assistant


Production of proteins in E.coli systems for structural research purposes.
Protein structure research by using different spectroscopy, crystallisation and modelling methods.


Prime Publications