Dóra Nagy-Fazekas PhD student


Phone: 1408

Born At: June 27, 1991

Born In: Tiszafüred

Facility Manager: Dr. András Perczel

Lab: Expression laboratory


2002-2010: Kossuth Lajos Secondary Grammar School, Tiszafüred, Hungary
2010-2011: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Chemical Engineering, Bachelor studies (BSc), Budapest, Hungary
2011-2014: Business Academy Aarhus (BAA), Chemical and Biotechnological Science, Academy Profession degree program (AP), Aarhus, Denmark
2014-2016: Business Academy Aarhus (BAA), Chemical and Biotechnical, Food- and Process Technology, Bachelor studies (BSc), Aarhus, Denmark
2016-2018: University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Medical Chemistry, Master program (MSc), Odense, Denmark
2018-Present: Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Hevesy György PhD School of Chemistry, Budapest, Hungary


Production of proteins in E.coli systems for structural research purposes.
Protein structure research by using different spectroscopy, crystallisation and modelling methods.


Prime Publications