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Great success of a small-, (mini)-protein

Expression and non-selective isotope labelling was a precondition of our research project aiming to characterise “invisible” intermediate structures of some Trp-cage miniproteins via temperature dependent NMR (1H-15N-HSQC) measurements.


Finally out as a VIP article in ChemEurJ

CoverA fascinating story on the smallest folded protein ever studied: structural insights into the Trp-cage folding intermediate formation. A multi-state folding scenario of a miniprotein at atomic details. By using a novel non-linear fitting method...

Long, longer, perhaps the longest helix and sheet by QM

We are pleased to inform you that our most recent manuscript entitled “Helix compactness and stability: electron structure calculations of conformer dependent thermodynamic functions” Jákli et al. is now accepted for publication in Chemical...