NMR lab.

Facility manager: Dr. Andrea Bodor

Members: Dr. Andrea Bodor, Dr. Horváth Dániel , Dr. András Láng, Fruzsina Pilhál, Erika Dudás, Fanni Sebák , Dr. Gyula Pálfy, Csenge Lilla Szabó, Bianka dr. Szalainé Ágoston PhD

In line with modern bioNMR spectroscopy we are dedicated to determine macromolecular structures, especially those of peptides and proteins, elucidate internal dynamics, binding properties, chemical shift mapping, macromolecular interactions, folding and unfolding, etc.. We are providing high quality atomic detail information on polypeptides, miniproteins, protein modules and domains, unstructured proteins (IUP/IDP), etc.. We are helping and providing expertise and disseminate NMR based knowledge to chemists and biochemists, a molecular insight into their current investigation and thus to bring out the most of their research.

Laboratory News

  • Finally out as a VIP article in ChemEurJ

    CoverA fascinating story on the smallest folded protein ever studied: structural insights into the Trp-cage folding intermediate formation. A multi-state folding scenario of a miniprotein at atomic details. By using a novel non-linear fitting method both the thermodynamic parameters and the NMR chemical shifts of the conformers of the multi-state unfolding process is revealed. link

     Figure2 Tc5b Hsqc


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  • Zoltán Gáspári , Annamária F. Ángyán , Somdutta Dhir , Dino Franklin , András Perczel , Alessandro Pintar , Sándor Pongor
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  • Zoltán Gáspári , Péter Várnai , Balázs Szappanos , András Perczel
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  • Katalin E. Kövér , Tamás Beke , András Lipták , András Perczel
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  • Zsuzsa Hódi , Attila L. Németh , László Radnai , Csaba Hetényi , Katalin Schlett , Andrea Bodor , András Perczel , László Nyitray
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  • Zotter A , Oláh J , Hlavanda E , Bodor A , Perczel A , Szigeti K , Fidy J , Ovádi J
    Zn(2+)-induced rearrangement of the disordered TPPP/p25 affects its microtubule assembly and GTPase activity.
    BIOCHEMISTRY 50:(44) pp. 9568-9578. (2011) Kivonat
  • Annette Duelli , Bence Kiss , Ida Lundholm , Andrea Bodor , Maxim V. Petoukhov , Dmitri I. Svergun , László Nyitray , Gergely Katona
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  • Andrea Bodor , László Radnai , Csaba Hetényi , Péter Rapali , András Láng , Katalin E. Kövér , András Perczel , Weixiao Y. Wahlgren , Gergely Katona , László Nyitray
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  • Andrea Bodor , Katalin E. Kövér , Lena Mäler
    Membrane interactions in small fast-tumbling bicelles as studied by 31P NMR
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  • Anita Alexa , Gergő Gógl , Gábor Glatz , Ágnes Garai , András Zeke , János Varga , Erika Dudás , Norbert Jeszenői , Andrea Bodor , Csaba Hetényi , Attila Reményi
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  • Gergő Gógl , Anita Alexa , Bence Kiss , Gergely Katona , Mihály Kovács , Andrea Bodor , Attila Reményi , László Nyitray
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  • Gyula Pálfy , Bence Kiss , László Nyitray , Andrea Bodor
    Multi-level changes in protein dynamics upon complex formation of the calcium-loaded S100A4 with a non-muscle myosin IIA tail fragment
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